Nextstep Tour- The College Concert Experience?

May 29, 2008 at 9:37 am (Uncategorized) today announced the lineup for the fall 2008 Nextstep Tour- Cartel, Yung Joc, and MC Lars. Concert Ideas dot com is a  “middle agency” specializing in booking big name concerts for colleges looking to entertain apathetic students. They promote these traveling tours to build their brand, and provide a one size fits all concert experience for students across the country.

This year’s lineup doesn’t really impress me, but still has some value. I don’t know Yung Joc outside of his hit “It’s goin down”. Cartel will surely please  the suburbanites, but is this really the best ConcertIdeas can come up with? Still, I can see this being a popular draw crosscountry, as the girls will want to get their collective grinds on to Yung Joc. Cartel will get the jocks movin’. Fun!

Where is the art? Where is the raw expression?


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